Union School Activities


Please provide us with the following documents:

  1. Three (3) recent passport size photographs of the child
  2. Completed application forms given from the school
  3. For Saudis: A copy on the National ID card of the parents
  4. For Saudis: A copy of the family ID card
  5. Non Saudis: Copy of a valid resident permit (Iqama) for both the parents and child
  6. A copy of the parent’s passport
  7. A copy of the child’s passport
  8. A copy of the child’s birth certificate
  9. A copy of the child’s vaccination card (up to date)
  10. A letter for proving employment from the parent’s work


  • School uniform is COMPULSORY. You can purchase it from the school.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us at: 920002504

Health Information Form

Student Application Form