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Admissions Procedure to Our International School

Admissions to Union Preparatory International School is open to every family in the community and to families from surrounding areas when places are available. Union Preparatory International School is registered to care for children age 6 months to 6 years.  We accept registration forms from 6 months and maintain a strict waiting list criteria that take into consideration length of time since registration, siblings currently in Pre-School and exceptional circumstances.

Union Preparatory International School is classified as All Day Pre-School.

Children are offered a full-time program of two terms (ten months) when registering at the Pre-School and cannot be accepted for less.

Admission of Children with Special Education Needs

We do not accept children with Special Educational Needs.

Parents are invited to visit Union Preparatory International School to discuss their child’s needs with the Principal.



Fees are billed on a term basis and must be paid as per the schedule mentioned above:

If parents fail to pay the fees by the 7th of each term, it will result in an Administration Fee of SR 300 being added to that terms school fees and it will result in the student not being able to attend his/her class until the fees are paid.

When a parent registers his/her child at Union Preparatory International School, it is for one academic year, therefore the school fees have to be paid for the two terms as mentioned above.

If you leave at any time during the term ie. Beginning, middle or end, you still have to pay for that term.


No refund of School Fees is possible for any reason.  No refunds of fees, pro-rata or otherwise, are possible for random days off, due to any reasons.  If parents have paid tuition fees for the term and decide to take their child away for a few days or a week holiday, or the child has been sick, no proportion of the fees will be returned or credited to another term.  Fees paid in advance for any length of time will not be refunded.  No Semester fees can be refunded and or credited to another student.  These conditions apply even when a student does not begin at, or return to the school for that term.

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